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Environmental Audits and Business in Ontario
An environmental audit is a series of investigations that are conducted on a business' systems and processes to assess the impact on the environment. It involves a number of investigations, assessments and evaluations that are designed to grade the ability of the business facilities to comply with the environmental Acts and regulations that are present in Ontario and Canada.
The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) prohibits any business from operating legally in Ontario without the approval of the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). In order to receive approval, the business must demonstrate compliance with the regulations for releasing contaminants into the environment. Any business that releases contaminants, including noise and vibration, into the air, land or water must either apply for approval to operate or register the system with the MOE.
There are common systems that have been approved by the MOE for usage under certain operating procedures. Businesses are able to register these systems with the Environmental Activities and Sector Registry (EASR). All other business systems must be audited to determine compliance with the emission regulations in the province. Businesses that can provide evidence of compliance will be eligible to apply for an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) which will allow the business to operate legally in the province.
Applying for Environmental Compliance Approval
In order to receive an Environmental Compliance Approval from the MOE, the business must be able to show compliance with the regulations in the area of operation. The legislation changes often and it can be difficult to remain informed of changes.
An environmental audit is one of the preferred ways to assess compliance with the various regulations. A multimedia audit can comprehensively estimate or test the emissions that are released into the air, land and water. A waste audit will also identify the amount, nature and composition of the waste that is produced by the business under normal operation.
The purpose of an environmental audit is to also identify areas of the facility and processes that can be improved. In the event that a system does not meet requirements, the environmental audit should include remediation steps that will help the system reach compliance.
A detailed review of existing acoustic assessment reports can be reviewed as part of the environmental audit to ensure that the levels of noise and vibration are within the acceptable limits for legal operation.
The Benefits of Environmental Audits
The biggest benefit of an environmental audit is to secure an Environmental Compliance Approval and identify measures required in order to operate a facility in compliance with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal regulations. Businesses in Ontario, such as commercial/industrial facilities and manufacturing facilities, may have an independent environmental audit conducted as due diligence on behalf of industry. An environmental audit can provide valuable protection for a business against employee complaints, possible lawsuits, and fines associated with non-compliance. It can also help to identify problems in the workplace before they become a danger to employees.
Environmental consultants in Ontario will be able to conduct independent environmental audits tailored to your needs. These industry professionals are constantly up-to-date on changes to legislature and have the expertise to perform the tests and suggest remediation if necessary. Choose an environmental consulting company with a solid reputation that is willing to build long-term business relationships for repeat business.
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